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An aluminum disc is coated in lacquer, and then engraved with the analog audio using a manually operated machine.
STEPS 2-4:
The disc is then coated in Aluminum Chloride and placed in an electrified Nickel and water bath, strengthening the coating.
The metal coating is peeled off of the lacquer disc creating the negative for each side of the record.
The negatives are placed on a turntable, where an operator lines up the outermost circle on the disc with a target, identifying the exact center of the disc. A hole is then punched into the center.
STEPS 5-6:
The negatives are placed in hydraulic stampers, and a hopper pumps out vinyl "biscuits," which travel down a conveyor belt. The record label is placed on each side before it arrives in the stamper.
The biscuit is pressed between the heated negatives in the stamper and the label is bound to the vinyl.
STEPS 7-8:
The excess vinyl is trimmed off of the record disc and it is packaged. 
Finally the record is placed on a turn table and played.
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